Eastern Oregon Criminal Defense

We Know Criminal Defense

Russell Law Group,  LLC is a criminal defense firm based in Pendleton, Oregon that was founded by its principal attorney and former prosecutor, Craig W. Russell. Craig is a seasoned criminal attorney who has litigated hundreds of criminal law cases. If you find yourself charged with a crime, you don’t have to face your ordeal alone. Don’t let fear, uncertainty, and embarrassment take control. Immediately after being arrested, contact Russell Law Group, LLC and you’ll have a knowledgeable, determined, and level-headed advocate on your side. 


We Care About Our Clients

At Russell Law Group, LLC we care about the rights, emotions, and lives of our clients. This is why in every case we provide a fair and honest assessment of your case, listen to and understand your unique situation, deliver unmatched representation with tireless dedication, and develop and maintain open communication so that you are aware and understand every stage of your case. Let us deal with the stress, anxiety and fear that results from a criminal charge. Put your focus on yourself and your families.

We Deliver Positive Results

Our record of success is well established in the Eastern Oregon communities. However, perhaps more important, is the fact that we look for, and get, results that are right for our clients. Every case and situation is different. Different cases with different facts and issues call for different strategies. We know many and we're ready to put them to use for you.