Eastern Oregon Criminal Defense

Craig W. Russell, Attorney


Former Umatilla County prosecutor, Craig W. Russell, has spent the vast majority of his legal career in the courtroom litigating criminal cases. Before working for Umatilla County, Craig was a special deputy prosecutor in Multnomah County. Craig also has experience as a civil litigator for a top tier law firm in downtown Portland, Oregon, working major crimes with the Oregon Department of Justice, and clerking for former Oregon Supreme Court Justice, David V. Brewer.

Throughout his career, Craig has handled thousands of criminal cases - many of which have been taken to trial in front of both a judge and a jury. With this experience, Craig has developed an expert understanding  of criminal cases - everything from how they are charged, how they are negotiated, how they are tried before a jury or judge, and how they are sentenced. 

When your freedom is at stake, you don't want a defense attorney who rarely sees the inside of a courtroom. The courtroom is where most cases are won. You need a lawyer with substantial criminal trial experience in the court where your case is pending. Craig has that experience. 

Josie A. Arbogast, Legal Assistant


Josie started her career as a legal assistant in 2010 in Utah with a disability law firm. As the lead assistant, she supervised a team of six to seven, at any given time. It was her responsibility to review and correct all work that was generated by her team.  

In 2014, Josie moved to Pendleton and began working for the Umatilla County District Attorney's Office in 2015, where she stayed until accepting her position with the Russell Law Group, LLC.  At the DA's office, Josie was Craig's assistant. As a team, Josie and Craig developed a strong working relationship, that they now bring to the Russell Law Group, LLC. 

Josie has a wealth of knowledge in both criminal law and the legal system in general.  Josie knows how to efficiently and thoroughly accomplish her tasks.  She has an incredible attention to detail and dedication to serving our client's needs and goals, no matter how small or large your legal issue. 

Out of the office, Josie loves spending time with her two young children and her husband, Ben. 


  • Willamette University, College of Law , cum laude - Juris Doctorate
  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks - Bachelor of Arts (Sociology/Criminal Justice)

Memberships & Awards


  • Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (OCDLA)


  • Wildlife Prosecutor of the Year (Oregon Sportsman's Coalition), 2018
  • Pro Bono Attorney Award (Multnomah County Bar Association), December 2015
  • Highest Paper Award - Contract Writing (Willamette University, College of Law)
  • Highest Paper Award - Evidence (Willamette University, College of Law)
  • Highest Paper Award - Real Estate Transactions (Willamette University, College of Law)
  • Dean's List (University of Alaska, Fairbanks)
  • Dean's List (University of Alaska, Fairbanks)
  • Chancellor's List (University of Alaska, Fairbanks)