Eastern Oregon Criminal Defense

Drug Offenses


 Drug charges are among the most common cases handled in Oregon courts. Drug abuse can ruin lives, tear families apart, and result in harsh penalties if you are found guilty. If you’ve been charged with a drug offense, you may have options for avoiding some or all of these consequences or reducing your charge or penalty. Attorney Craig W. Russell will listen to your story and explain your options for fighting your drug charge and preserving your rights and freedom. 

Sex Offenses


 Simply being charged with a sex crime can result in a stigma that affects your job and relationships, not to mention the severe sentences if you’re found guilty. Oregon law takes sex crimes very seriously. Many are charged as felonies and a conviction can lead to life-long consequences. You may be able to fight your sex crime charge with the help attorney Craig W. Russell who understands how prosecutors use evidence and testimony to build a case against you — and how to effectively turn the process so that it works in your favor. 

Theft & Other Property Offenses


 Theft can be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances. Typically, the greater the value of the money or property, the harsher the penalty. Property crimes are those that involve knowing, reckless, or intentional damage or destruction of someone else’s property. Penalties for both theft and property crimes can be extreme.  These offenses can have far-reaching effects on your life. However, with the help of attorney Craig W. Russell you may be able to avoid or limit those consequences. 

Assault & Domestic Violence


 Anyone can get angry. You may shake your fist at someone or say things you otherwise regret when you feel enraged, but most people never actually mean it. However, under the wrong circumstances, you may find yourself charged with assault, battery, or domestic violence in Oregon. These are serious criminal charges that can result in jail time, costly fines, and have a potential impact on your firearm rights. In some cases, they may be felonies with life-altering effects in which working alongside attorney Craig W. Russell may be your strongest defense. 

DUII & Other Traffic Offenses


 Driving under the influence is an incredibly common charge in Oregon. Any number of people have a drink or two and feel fine to drive, but a police officer spots them driving in a way that suggests impairment and pulls them over. If the officer claims to smell alcohol, that your eyes look bloodshot, and that your speech is slurred, you may soon find yourself facing an unexpected DUII charge. A DUII charge must be taken seriously. It is a criminal offense, and being found guilty can have many negative effects on your life. Attorney Craig W. Russell will work diligently to help you fight these charges.

Wildlife Offenses


 Eastern Oregon is known for its abundance of hunting opportunities.  Many people travel from all over the state to hunt elk, deer, antelope, mountain goats, and big horn sheep. Wildlife offenses are unique and many criminal attorneys, including both defense and prosecutors, have little experience in this area. Along with hefty fines, the prosecutor may ask that your hunting license be suspended for years, if not indefinitely.  As Oregon's 2018 Wildlife Prosecutor of the Year, attorney Craig W. Russell has a thorough understanding of the complex statutes and may be able to help preserve your hunting rights. 

Juvenile Offenses


Attorney Craig W. Russell understands what’s at stake when your child is accused of committing a juvenile crime . When you call Russell Law Group, LLC after your child has been arrested, Craig can fight hard to have the charge reduced or dismissed. If that option isn’t open, he will craft an aggressive defense and use every available legal tool to protect your child’s future. A conviction in the teenage courts may have lasting ramifications that can negatively affect your child for years to come. 

Law Enforcement/Police Defense


Law enforcement officers are often tasked with making judgment calls in an instant - usually with only a moment's notice. Attorney Craig W. Russell brings his own prior military and law enforcement experience to his client's case with a special understanding of the high demands of law enforcement. If you have been charged with a crime that occurred in the line of duty, Craig is here to help. 



 Fires are ignited by arsonists for a variety of reasons. Some want insurance money. Others want revenge. Some people set an arson fire without even knowing why they do it. Nevertheless, arson cases are always considered serious crimes. If you are arrested for an arson crime, immediately retain the help of attorney Craig W. Russell. Craig will investigate the arson charges against you, examine the evidence and witnesses, review the official arson investigation, and fight aggressively to bring your arson case to its best possible conclusion.