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Former Prosecutor to Defense Advocate

Former Umatilla County Deputy District Attorney, Craig W. Russell, has handled thousands of criminal cases from simple misdemeanor charges to serious felonies. As a prosecutor, Craig swore an oath to uphold the Constitution - an oath he continues to uphold in private practice. Our Constitution was created to protect you, not the government. Craig is committed to holding the government accountable and providing the criminally accused with the passionate and effective representation that they not only deserve, but are constitutionally entitled to.

Full Service Criminal Defense


 Russell Law Group, LLC is a Pendleton based criminal defense firm equipped to handle all types of criminal charges and cases throughout Eastern Oregon. From drug crimes to DUII defense to forfeitures, Attorney Craig W. Russell has you covered.  

Proven Experience


  Attorney Craig W. Russell has significant criminal law experience both in and out of the courtroom. Craig has litigated countless criminal law cases from start to finish. He knows how these cases are charged, negotiated, tried, and sentenced.   

Dedicated Representation


  Attorney Craig W. Russell fights for a defendant's rights to the limits of the law  in every case.  He stands committed to your particular situation and works tirelessly to protect your interests and resolve your charges.  

Honest Communication


  Being charged with a crime is stressful, confusing and may involve severe fines and penalties. Russell Law Group, LLC knows this and takes every measure to provide you with honest and ongoing communication at every stage of your case.  

Personalized Service


 Attorney Craig W. Russell knows that every situation is different. He gives each case the care and attention it deserves and truly listen to your concerns and interests. Craig is here to answer your questions.  

Results that Matter


  Russell Law Group, LLC is dedicated to providing you with smart, aggressive, and strategic advocacy aimed at achieving the best possible result. Attorney Craig W. Russell, has a background of impressive achievements and qualifications, as well as a commitment to professional excellence, client services, and expert legal advice.  

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