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Was your child arrested/charged with a crime? We can help protect their future.

Russell Law Group fights for your rights.

We are Pendleton and Eastern Oregon’s most trusted juvenile defense attorneys. Don’t trust anyone else with your child’s future.

Have you been charged with unlawful use of a firearm, possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, or a very serious offense like murder or manslaughter? Our experienced firearm defense attorney is here to help you.

Craig W. Russell is an experienced Pendleton juvenile defense attorney. His time spent working as a prosecutor can help you and your family navigate the system and achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

As a juvenile defense lawyer and lawyer for minors, Craig’s defense strategy begins by meeting with your family and learning the details of your child’s case. Then he’ll:

  • KInvestigate the charges you’re facing
  • KChallenge procedural errors
  • KChallenge the sufficiency of the State’s evidence
  • KNegotiate an appropriate plea deal, if necessary
  • KProtect your rights and seek the truth
Craig Russell of Russell Law group

Meet Craig W. Russell

Craig W. Russell is a former Umatilla County prosecuting attorney. Today he works solely as a criminal defense attorney in Pendleton, OR. He frequently represents underage clients who are charged with serious crimes that could affect their futures.

He uses his experience on the other side of the courtroom to help his clients and their families. Craig is a juvenile defense attorney who knows how to fight and how to win. Few other attorneys in Eastern Oregon are as dedicated as he is to fighting for the rights of young offenders.

Talk to Craig today. Get a fierce and focused advocate working on your side.

Why Russell Law Group?

We get results.

We are fierce and focused attorneys who care for clients and their rights. Your rights and future are our top priorities.

We seek the truth.

Unlike other juvenile defense attorneys in Pendleton, we leave no stone unturned in our search for the truth.

We care about you.

Craig will answer any questions you have, explain his strategy, and make sure you’re confident about your child’s defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you defend a teenager who’s been charged with a crime?

Yes! Navigating the juvenile justice system, or any case involving a juvenile offender, is very challenging and requires a skilled attorney. At Russell Law Group, Craig W. Russell can act as a fierce and focused advocate for you and your family, including a teenager or child who has been charged with a crime.

What are my child’s options for avoiding time in jail?

As an experienced juvenile defense attorney, we can help you understand the options available to your child as your case progresses. For youthful offenders, there may be diversion, counseling, and other programs available in lieu of jail time (detention). We will help you make the best choice to protect your child’s future. In fact, most juvenile cases resolve without any form of detention.

Will a juvenile conviction stay with my child after he/she turns 18?

Generally, no. A juvenile conviction (called an adjudication) is typically not included in an adult’s criminal “history.” However, there are some specific circumstances in certain cases where a juvenile record can be brought up in the future.

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