Gun Crimes Attorney in Pendleton, OR

Charged with a crime involving a firearm? Unlawful use of a weapon, felon in possession, reckless endangering another, manslaughter, or murder? We can help.

Russell Law Group fights for your rights.

We are Pendleton and Eastern Oregon’s trusted defense attorneys for any serious case involving the use of a firearm.

Have you been charged with unlawful use of a firearm, possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, or a very serious offense like murder or manslaughter? Our experienced firearm defense attorney is here to help you.

Craig W. Russell is an expert Pendleton gun crimes attorney. Craig has a background in law enforcement and in prosecution — his primary focus is protecting your Second Amendment rights and getting you the best possible outcome for your case.

As a gun crimes attorney, Craig’s defense strategy begins by meeting you and learning the details of your case. Then he’ll:

  • KInvestigate the charges you’re facing
  • KChallenge procedural errors
  • KChallenge the sufficiency of the State’s evidence
  • KNegotiate an appropriate plea deal, if necessary
  • KProtect your rights and seek the truth

Cases we accept include…

  • ZMurder
  • ZManslaughter
  • ZConcealed carry crimes
  • ZUnlawful use of a weapon
  • ZFelony gun possession
  • ZArmed robbery
  • ZAssault with a firearm
  • ZAny serious crime where a firearm is involved
Craig Russell of Russell Law group

Meet Craig W. Russell

Craig W. Russell is a former Umatilla County prosecuting attorney. Now working as a criminal defense attorney in Pendleton, OR, he often represents clients who are facing charges of assault, murder, manslaughter, and other crimes where a gun was involved.

He puts his experience on the other side of the courtroom to work for his clients. Craig is a gun crimes attorney who knows how to fight and how to win. He is a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Pendleton and only takes on criminal cases. Few other attorneys in Eastern Oregon are as dedicated as he is to fight for the rights of those charged with gun-related crimes.

Talk to Craig today. Get a fierce and focused advocate working on your side.

Why Russell Law Group?

We get results.

We are fierce and focused attorneys who care for clients and their rights. Your rights and future are our top priorities.

We seek the truth.

Unlike other criminal defense attorneys in Pendleton, we leave no stone unturned in our investigations.

We care about you.

Craig will answer any questions you have, explain his strategy, and make sure you’re confident about your defense.

5-Star Gun Crime Attorneys

“The Russell Law Group was recommended to me by my coworkers. Craig treated me with respect, honesty, and most importantly fought my case with his experience, knowledge of laws, and his passion for fairness and equality in justice for his clients. Craig fought my case ruthlessly to prove my innocence and in the end, Justice prevailed. My case was dismissed and now I can move forward with my life without anything on my record and most importantly I was able to keep my job. His team is very professional and always kept me up to speed on my case. He makes you feel like you are a part of his team itself.”

– D. R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take a plea agreement?

As many as 95% of criminal cases end in some form of a plea agreement. This does not mean that you should accept a plea bargain if one is offered by the prosecutor. Craig Russell will evaluate your case, the evidence against you, and help you make a decision that is in your best interests. This may mean accepting a plea agreement to lesser charges or fighting your case in court.

Will I lose my gun rights?

The Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 has been amended to prohibit firearm possession by those convicted of certain crimes. If convicted, it is possible you will face a lifetime ban of buying, owning, and possessing firearms and ammunition. At Russell Law Group, our gun crime defense attorney can work to seek out a plea agreement or trial outcome that will allow you to maintain your Second Amendment rights.

Will I get my firearms back?

In most cases that end with a plea deal, your firearm(s) will not be returned to you. If your gun is taken as evidence of a crime, and you plead guilty to no contest to that crime, you will not likely get your gun back. However, there are some situations where a return of your firearm to you is appropriate or your firearm can be returned to a friend or family member. Only an experienced gun rights restoration attorney can explain your situation accurately.

What if I am required to use a firearm as part of my employment?

Although it is uncommon, there are occasions where a plea agreement is reached, or the judge will allow, that results in permission to continue using a firearm for employment purposes. This sort of agreement most commonly comes up with servicemembers, law enforcement officers, or employees who spend a considerable amount of time in the wilderness as part of their duties.

Get a fierce focused advocate on your side.


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