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Get a tough lawyer on your side. Your future depends on it.

Charged with theft or property crimes? Russell Law Group can help.

Don’t let your rights get trampled on. Craig W. Russell is on your side.

Depending on the value of the property alleged to have been stolen or damaged, you may be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony. Both can carry serious and life-altering consequences. Don’t become another victim of the criminal justice system.

At Russell Law Group, our approach to theft and property crime defense is simple:

  • KTalk to you and learn about the details of your case
  • KCreate a defense strategy that’s right for you
  • KFight for your rights

As a theft attorney in Pendleton, Craig W. Russell will use his experience as a former prosecutor to:

  • ZSeek out errors made by the arresting officer
  • ZChallenge evidence or procedural mistakes
  • ZApply his knowledge of the prosecution’s tactics in your favor
  • ZWork diligently to help you achieve the best possible outcome
Craig Russell of Russell Law group

Meet Craig W. Russell

Craig W. Russell has years of experience as a Umatilla County prosecutor. He prosecuted a variety of criminal cases, including theft, burglary, and property crimes.

Today he puts his experience and expertise into representing those facing criminal charges. His insights into how prosecutors work allow him to create a defense strategy other property crime lawyers can’t.

Craig has represented hundreds of clients, including those charged with property crime and theft charges in and around Pendleton. When your freedom and your future are at stake, don’t settle for just another theft lawyer. Talk to Craig today to get a fierce focused advocate on your side

Why Russell Law Group?

We get results.

Our attorneys are fierce focused advocates who care about one thing: our clients. You are our top priority.

We’re not afraid to fight.

Unlike other theft attorneys and property crime lawyers near Pendleton, we only recommend a plea when it is in your best interest.

We care about you.

Your lawyer will be available to answer your questions and explain our strategy. We’ll make sure you’re confident about our defense strategy.

5-Star Property Crime & Theft Lawyers

“We would recommend Mr. Russell to anyone in need of his knowledge of law and defense representation. He is very confident and you get that feeling the first time you meet him which gives you this peace of mind knowing you made a great choice. Put your faith in him and his confidence.”

– C.M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a theft lawyer cost?

Every case is unique. Depending on the charges you’re facing, we’ll be able to provide an estimated cost of representation. Contact us for your free and confidential consultation.

How will you defend me against theft and property crime charges?

Without knowing the specifics of your case, it’s impossible to tell you what your strategy might look like. However, using his experience as a former prosecutor, Craig Russell may challenge evidence to have it excluded, question whether a search was legal, seek out exculpatory evidence, or pursue a variety of other legal strategies to help you win your case.

Should I plead guilty to the theft charges against me?

Most criminal cases end in some form of plea agreement. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should plead guilty at the outset of your case. If you’ve been charged with theft or a property crime, contact us to discuss your case and learn more about your options.

I’m a first-time offender. Can you help?

Yes! Depending on the charge, as a first-time offender, there may be legal strategies to pursue that wouldn’t be available if you were a repeat offender. Craig Russell looks at the facts of every case (including your past criminal record) when creating a legal strategy designed to get the best possible outcome for you. But if you have been convicted of a property crime in the past, let us know.

Get a fierce focused advocate on your side.


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