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We address and investigate ALL allegations.

Russell Law Group will investigate the allegations against you.

Protect your rights and your future.

Sexual abuse, rape, and other sexual offenses can be life-changing accusations. Measure 11 mandatory sentencing guidelines make the stakes and stress even higher. You need an attorney who will search out the truth.

Our firm’s focus is on addressing, investigating, and confronting the allegations against you to create the best possible outcome. When it comes to sex crime defense in Eastern Oregon, we:

  • KMeet with you and learn about all the details of your case
  • KInvestigate the allegations against you
  • KProtect your rights and seek the truth

As a sex offense attorney working in Eastern Oregon, he will use his experience as a former prosecutor to:

  • ZSearch for errors made by the police and prosecutors
  • ZChallenge evidence and procedural mistakes
  • ZUse the prosecution’s own tactics against them
  • ZHelp you achieve the best possible result in your case

Talk to Craig today to put a fierce and focused advocate to work for you.

Craig Russell of Russell Law group

Meet Craig W. Russell

Craig W. Russell is a former Umatilla County prosecuting attorney. Now working as a defense attorney in Pendleton, OR, he represents clients who are facing allegations of sexual crimes.

His experience as a prosecutor provides him with unique insights that he uses for the benefit of his clients. He knows the tactics and techniques used by police officers and state attorneys — and how to win. As a sex crime attorney, he knows how to create a strategy with your best interests and future in mind.

Why Russell Law Group?

We get results.

We are fierce focused advocates who care about our clients and their rights. Your future is our top priority.

We’re not afraid to fight.

Unlike other sex crime defense attorneys in Pendleton, we investigate your case from every angle to uncover the truth.

We care about you.

We’ll answer all of your questions, explain our tactics, and will make sure you’re confident about your defense.

5-Star Sex Offense Defense Lawyers

“I was wrongfully accused of sexually abusing a co-worker and was charged with multiple felony sex crimes. I hired Craig as my attorney and he started working on my case immediately. After diligent investigation and review of over 4000 pages of evidence, Craig was able to discover that the allegations against me were completely false and he got my case dismissed. I never even had to go to trial. If I had been convicted of the charges, I’d be spending 20+ years in prison. Craig saved my life!”

– M.K.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I get convicted, will I have to go to prison?

Not necessarily. Although many sex crimes require a mandatory prison sentence, most cases will be resolved through negotiations with the state. Often, topics such as prison time or sex offender registration requirements can be worked out in an agreement.

Will I have to register as a sex offender?

If you are convicted, most sex crimes do require sex offender registration. However, some offenses do not require any sort of registration at all. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate an agreement that will not require sex offender registration — even in cases that involve a guilty plea.

Can I be found guilty even when the only evidence is ‘he-said-she-said’?

Yes, you certainly can. Many criminal defendants have been convicted when the only evidence was testimonial. The state must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, but if a witness is found credible by a judge or jury, the witness’s testimony alone can be enough to convict.

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