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Divorce can feel impossibly challenging. Kendra D. Russell is here to help you and your family.

A marriage’s end is sure to be one of the most emotionally draining and stressful times of your life — even when things go smoothly.

Whether you are planning to file for divorce or have been served with a divorce petition by your spouse, Kendra D. Russell is known as a trusted, compassionate, and determined divorce attorney for women in Pendleton, OR.

Her approach is clear and straightforward. She will:

  • KSpeak with you and learn about the details of your case
  • KDiscuss key issues like the division of property, spousal support, and parenting plans
  • KWork towards a compromise that works for all parties, but be prepared to fight in court if needed
  • KStand up for your rights and make sure that your voice is represented
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Meet Kendra D. Russell

Unlike some other divorce lawyers for women in Pendleton, Kendra practices only family law. She is a fierce and focused advocate, as well as a compassionate listener who understands the importance of just being there for her clients during their most trying times.

Kendra understands the stress, emotion, and pain associated with divorce and provides a level of communication and commitment that exceeds her clients’ expectations.

Kendra has passionately and aggressively represented over 100 women in divorce cases. Divorce is never easy, but with Kendra Russell on your side, you can feel confident that you have an advocate you can count on.

Kendra will use her experience and expertise to:

  • Passionately and aggressively fight for you
  • Cut through the complexity of your case and clearly communicate your options
  • Offer pragmatic solutions that fit the needs of all parties involved

Why Russell Law Group?

We get results.

Kendra is a Pendleton divorce lawyer for women. She is a fierce and focused advocate who cares about one thing: her clients. You are always her #1 priority.

We don't back down.

While negotiation and compromise is her first choice, Kendra is ready to take your case to court. 

We care about you.

Kendra is available to answer your questions, explain her strategy, and will make sure you’re confident about your future.

5-Star Family Law & Divorce Representation

I can’t thank Kendra enough for working so hard for our family. From start to finish she was extremely professional, gave me advice in areas I didn’t even think to ask. You definitely want her as your family law attorney. She will advocate for you!

– A.M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be awarded sole custody?

Although Oregon does not give a preference to the mother, more often than not, women tend to be the primary care providers of their children. If you can establish that you are and have been the primary care provider of your children, you will likely be awarded sole custody.

Will I receive spousal support if I have been a stay-at-home parent or homemaker?

The length and amount of spousal support are based upon a number of factors. However, generally, a spouse who has been dependent on the other financially for at least a few years will be awarded some amount of spousal support.

Will I receive child support if I am awarded sole custody?

Yes, usually the parent who is awarded sole custody will have the children in their care for a majority of the time and will be entitled to child support from the other parent.

Am I entitled to a share of the marital assets even if I did not contribute financially to those assets?

In Oregon, there is a presumption that both spouses contributed equally to any asset acquired during the marriage. Therefore, even if you did not contribute financially, the law still presumes that you would be entitled to receive one-half of the marital assets.

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