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Following the end of a marriage, domestic partnership, or other relationship, many issues remain to be resolved. Paramount among them is ensuring the well-being of any children involved. Our family law attorney provides representation in cases involving child support, visitation, and custody issues.

Russell Law Group is known as a trusted, compassionate, and determined child custody attorney in Pendleton, OR. Our approach is focused on creating the best possible outcome for you and your family:

  • KWe’ll speak with you to learn the details of your situation
  • KWhile negotiation and mediation are preferred, we are prepared to fight in court if needed
  • KWe’ll make sure your rights and the rights of your children are protected

What matters in your child custody, support, or visitation case?

In Oregon, the courts rightly emphasize making the decision that’s in the best interest of the child or children involved. Our child custody attorney will help judges to understand:

  • ZThe connection and the familial bond between you and your children
  • ZHistory of your relationship with the other parent and the other parent’s relationship with the children involved
  • ZEach parent’s stability and financial situation

We bring all evidence to light and advocate fiercely for our clients.

Kendra Russell of Russell Law group

Meet Kendra D. Russell

Unlike some other child custody attorneys in Pendleton, Kendra focuses solely on the practice of family law. She is a fierce and focused advocate, as well as a compassionate listener who fights for what is right.

Kendra understands the stress, emotion, and pain associated with child custody, support, and visitation cases. She prides herself on offering a level of communication and commitment that exceeds her clients’ expectations.

Family law cases are never easy, but with Kendra D. Russell on your side, you’ll feel confident that you have an advocate you can count on.

Kendra will use her experience and expertise to:

  • Treat your family with respect and compassion
  • Passionately and aggressively fight for you
  • Cut through the complexity of your case and clearly communicate your options
  • Offer pragmatic solutions that fit the needs of your family

Why Russell Law Group?

We get results.

Our lawyers are fierce and focused advocates who care about one thing: our clients and their children. Our clients are always our top priority.

We don't back down.

While negotiation, compromise, and mediation are our first choices, we’re ready to take your case to court.

We care about you.

We’re available to answer your questions, explain our strategy, and will make sure you’re confident about your future. You’re in good hands.

5-Star Family Law & Child Custody Attorney

“Russell Law Group is highly responsive, very reasonably priced, exceptionally astute, and thorough. While going through an extremely challenging divorce, they were able to advise and represent me with top-notch, professional service, routinely exceeding my expectations!”

– L.L.

Frequently Asked Questions

My ex and I are on good terms. Do I really need a child custody attorney?

Even well-meaning parents can end up in contentious child custody, support, and visitation cases. Having a lawyer you trust on your side can help you navigate the legal system and ensure that your child’s rights (and your rights) are protected.

I’m a grandparent. Can I get custody of my grandkids?

Yes, under certain circumstances, it’s possible for a grandparent or other third parties to take legal action to gain custody or visitation of children. These cases are governed by ORS 109.119. In seeking these rights, it is important to keep in mind that there is the presumption that the legal parent acts in the best interest of their child. In order for the court to grant a grandparent or third party custody or visitation that presumption must be overcome. It must then be shown that your request is in the child’s best interest.

Can I get sole custody?

Every case is different, but yes, one parent may be awarded sole custody. In Oregon, parents can either share joint custody or one parent can be awarded sole custody. It is important to keep in mind that custody is only the power to make major decisions for the child. Even if you do not have sole custody, you will still, in most situations, have visitation or parenting time with your child. The courts tend to use the standard parenting plan for the county in which your case is filed as a guide. In order for parents to have joint custody, both must agree. If joint custody is not agreed upon, then the judge will award one parent sole custody.

Can fathers win a custody case?

In Oregon, child custody cases are determined by deciding what’s in the best interest of the child involved. The court does not give a preference to either the mother or father. There are several factors that the judge will take into consideration, which will ultimately determine which parent is awarded custody if joint custody is not agreed upon.

How is child support calculated in Oregon?

The state provides an online calculator you can use to estimate child support. However, the rules regarding how income and other factors are calculated can be confusing. There are also rebuttals that can be applied to the presumed correct amount of child support, which could reduce or increase the amount owed. A skilled child support attorney like Kendra D. Russell can explain how your case may differ from estimates you’ve seen online or been told by others.

I’m being sued for child support. Can you help?

Yes, if the parent of your child is requesting that you pay child support, please call our office. As stated above, calculating the correct amount of child support can be confusing.  It is important that you make sure that income, health care costs, and other important factors are calculated correctly and that any applicable rebuttals are applied.

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