Being charged with a criminal offense can be overwhelming, and it’s always best to have someone truly reliable on your side.

A skilled criminal defense attorney will make all the difference, especially when your liberty and future are at stake. They will know how to investigate your case, find witnesses or evidence that could help your case, and work with prosecutors or judges on your behalf if there are mitigating circumstances.

Here, we’ll help you understand what to look for in a criminal defense attorney and how to find one that you can trust.

Looking for a criminal defense lawyer


1. Do your homework

You’ll want to do as much research as possible before settling on a lawyer. One way to do this is by asking friends and family members if they have any recommendations, or by searching online.

Look up the backgrounds and experiences of lawyers who have been practicing in Oregon. You can also check out the attorneys’ websites to get an idea of their background and approach to criminal cases.

If possible, ask other legal professionals if there’s a good criminal defense attorney they can recommend. You might also want to check online reviews from people who’ve used their services.

2. An attorney’s experience is important

A criminal defense attorney’s experience reflects his or her knowledge and ability. The more experience an attorney has, the better they will be able to handle your case in a way that maximizes your chances for success.

Experience can be measured by the number of cases won (or settled out of court), as well as the size and complexity of those cases. A seasoned attorney will be better equipped to handle any situation that may arise during your case, from small misdemeanors to complicated felonies.

3. You want an attorney who is confident in a courtroom

This means he or she knows the law and understands the court system and environment. A good lawyer should also be able to communicate clearly with you and keep you informed of what’s happening throughout your case so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

4. Look for an attorney who is board certified

This might seem obvious, but if you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney in Oregon, you’ll want to make sure that they are board certified. Board certification indicates expertise and skill in their field.

Board-certified attorneys must pass a rigorous examination on their knowledge of the law, ethics, and practical experience. They also have continuing legal education requirements, which means they stay current on legal developments.

5. Look for an attorney with connections

One of the most important factors in winning a case is having established relationships. A lawyer with local connections can help you get a better deal. If you have a lawyer who knows the judges, prosecutors, and fellow defense lawyers, they’re much more likely to get you the results you want than someone who is unfamiliar with how things work.

6. You want an attorney who fits your personality

You need a lawyer who you feel comfortable with. Someone who understands your case and can explain things well to you.

Your criminal defense attorney should respond to phone calls and messages. They should show interest in your case and be able to answer your questions in simple terms.

7. Your lawyer should be clear about fees

Another important thing you need to keep in mind when selecting a criminal defense attorney is to make sure they are clear about fees and costs. A good criminal defense attorney should be transparent about these topics from the very start. If you have any questions about this, don’t be afraid to ask — you must have all the information you need before hiring an attorney.

Finding a trustworthy lawyer is worth it

Choosing a lawyer who is experienced and reliable can be challenging, but it’s well worth the effort if your legal rights are at stake.

The best thing you can do is research online and ask friends who have hired attorneys before. You should also look for an attorney who has experience with your type of case and fits your personality well.

The Oregon State Bar website has more resources to help you choose a lawyer and understand your rights when dealing with them. This is a good place to start if you are researching how to find a lawyer.

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